Help us cover the 2016 election!

  1. Track political ads! Campaigns and interest groups are gathering detailed information about you in the hopes of influencing your vote and gaining power. They’ll direct highly specific ads your way that even your neighbor or family members likely won’t see. We can’t track this “micro-targeting” on your computer or in your mailbox. Help us shed light on this troubling trend by taking a photo, video, or screen shot of the ads you see and send it to us at
  2. View political ads on our blog and complete a brief questionnaire to let us know what you think about them.
  3. Sign up to participate in a paid, 3 day community discussion on media and the elections, hosted by the Jefferson Center. You can apply to participate at
  4. Read our step-by-step guide to learn how to cope with negative ads.
  5. Survive negative ads.

3 thoughts on “Help us cover the 2016 election!”

  1. I have no problem with negative election ads as long as they are telling us the truth and not just what we want to hear. Isn’t this that proper reporting?
    Thank You

  2. How can we get a copy of the poll which asked 1000 Ohioans the question,”What is the most important issue facing the country?” The only way anyone can give a fair analysis of the results of the poll is if we know the options from which respondents could choose.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for your inquiry! We’ll be uploading the poll data soon, so you’ll be able to work with the same information we are.

      For the specific question, “What is the most important issue facing the country?,” we left that open-ended, so respondents were allowed to answer anything they wanted rather than choose from a pre-selected list.

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